MIFA Technology

...provides System IC solution to SoC industry in Korea...

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Andes Technology Corp. is focusing on high-performance/low-power 32/64-bit processors and its associated SoC platforms to serve the rapidly growing embedded system applications worldwide so that you can achieve new generations of SoC solutions for better scalability, flexibility, performance, cost and power saving.

iSTART-TEK focus on innovated testing and repairing technical of memory. To provide SoC's designers with more reliable memory testing and repairing solutions. iSTART-TEK is now a leading memory testing and repairing solutions supplier in the world. 

Silex Insight serve as your ideal partner for IP, targeting security and video solutions in embedded system developments, ready for IoT and video everywhere. Security and especially data encryption projects allow us to provide a comprehensive range of complete security solutions or offer highly flexible cryptographic cores used for symmetric and asymmetric encryption.